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Phtoto by Attila Büki

   Taking photos means different things for everybody. For me it is self-realization. I like to think and speak with images. Pictures tell different things to people. If a viewer is grabbed by one of my pictures, it means I could address him/her. This is important for me. It is relevant that my partners never think of me like ’he just clicked some and that’s it’. That is not the essence of photography. One has to be there with heart and hand, and has to enjoy every minutes of it. This is what I expect not only from myself but from those who participate in the whole process. This is what makes it a complete artwork. I tell you to engage me because you love my pictures – not because ’I own the newest camera with loads of megapixels’. My pictures shall determine you first – then the others.

I did not start deliberately whith the date since when I started to take photos, because it is not so important. I am in my youth – concerning the profession – but I do everything to develop for my future partnrers’ satisfaction in every fields of my services.

Now comes the groovy” tale:

My name is Sándor Végh. Photography – as in the case of a lot of people – started to be my hobby, however after some years it became to develop into a more serious activity. Of course, sometimes I make pictures just to entertain myself and to maintain my professional development, but – as this webpage demonstrates – I specalized in photographic services. I try to produce quality pictures on the most various fields to keep my customers, partners satisfied and to encourage them to think of me next time they would need photographic services.

My main territory of activity is the Southern part of Lake Balaton – as I live there – but It does not cause a problem to work at greater distances. (Now I have some limits concerning working at distant places but one of my aims in the future is to solve this problem.)

In case the above mentioned and my pictures convinced you I am your photographer then do not hesitate: contact me I am willingly for your service.

Thank you very much for your attention!

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